Liberty sparks hosts learning week in Tanzania

Liberty week tanzania

During the week of June 25-29, a group of young African scholars gathered in Tanzania to gain a deeper understanding of liberty with Tanzania-based Atlas Network partner Liberty Sparks. Learning Week featured five events which focused on rule of law, individual rights, limited government, and the free market.

“Programs like Learning Week are one of the great platforms that connect Cheetahs from different corners of Africa, with different backgrounds and experience,” commented Evans Exaud, Executive Director of Liberty Sparks. “It’s such an honor for Liberty Sparks to be a part of changes in Africa.”

The exclusive event attracted nearly 300 students from Malawi, Kenya, Uganda, Zimbabwe, and Tanzania. Young journalists interested in advancing liberty on media-specific issues participated in the Uhuru Media Training. During the Young Scholars Colloquium, Professor Brian Baugus of Regent University spoke about economic growth and concluded his lecture with a field trip to a local Turkish restaurant, using foreign food to demonstrate the benefits of a free society.

Another highlight was the Business Class, where more than 60 business professionals learned about barriers to entrepreneurship and showcased their own handmade products at a station in Ukonga. Professor Baugus promised to help attendees boost productivity with time-saving machines, and introduced them to successful business owners in Ukonga who had received training with Liberty Sparks.

“Africa is still young and needs healing,” said Exaud. “Students, media, and business people have a big role to play in promoting changes. They will be able to do that if they are well equipped with training and ideas.”

Exaud estimated that more than 400 people in Tanzania benefited from Learning Week, and he hopes that gaining a stronger understanding of the benefits of a free society will help these young scholars have a greater impact on the future of liberty in Africa.