MEI's "Free Market Series" reaching millions of viewers on PBS

MEI Magatte

The Montreal Economic Institute(MEI), an Atlas partner in Canada, collaborated with The World Show to launch The Free Market Series, a television show that is reaching millions of viewers on the PBS network. Each 30-minute episode features host Bob Scully (named PBS 2012 Person of the Year) and a guest intellectual; together Bob and his guest explore free market ideas and relevant policies.

“One of the things I especially like about our Free Market Series is that it is broadcasted on American public television—including the PBS network—and so it allows us to reach audiences who may not otherwise be exposed to our ideas,” commented Michel Kelly-Gagnon, President of MEI. “While such ideas could be heard on channels like Fox News or ReasonTV, it is important for them also to be heard on American public television where, presumably, the audience is less likely to already be sympathetic to them.”

The Free Market Series combines in-depth scholarly commentary with Bob Scully’s enjoyable TV personality, engaging both liberal activists and viewers who find themselves flipping through channels.

“The goal is to allow the American public, but also the public in general, through a series of in-depth, half-hour interviews, to have a better understanding of individual freedom and economic liberty, as well as topical public policy issues,” said MEI vice president Pascale Déry.

The Free Market Series has hosted many renowned thinkers, including Magatte Wade, entrepreneur, and James Tooley, professor of education policy. According to the latest estimates, each episode is reaching up to 1.4 million viewers on 304 stations, with online versions available on YouTube and Facebook.

Season 5 - Episode 4: The Magic of Entrepreneurship

Episode 4 features Magatte Wade, the founder and CEO of and Atlas Network's Director for the Center of African Prosperity.

Season 5 - Episode 2: Fighting for Freedom in Egypt

Episode 2 features Mahmoud Farouk, an Egyptian Lawyer and the founder and former Executive Director of the Egyptian Center for Public Policy Studies (ECPPS), an organization based in Cairo that advocates for individual and economic freedom reforms.

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