New "Human Action" documentary examines the life and legacy of Ludwig von Mises


The Freedom and Entrepreneurship Foundation, an Atlas Network partner based in Poland, recently premiered their new documentary on the life and legacy of Ludwig von Mises. The documentary, titled “Human Action,” was produced to show the power and relevance of Mises’ ideas to everyday people who may not know about economics or the niche world of free-market scholarship.

In the description of the film, the Freedom and Entrepreneurship Foundation explains that “Ludwig von Mises was one of the most important economists in history. Unfortunately, he is commonly known and appreciated only in a narrow circle of experts and enthusiasts - ordinary people don’t know him or his extraordinary achievements.”

Throughout the film, Mises’ life is explored in full. Viewers get to see his intellectual journey and contributions to the economic field of study and a glimpse into his personal life. Mises was not just an economist and author, he was a loving husband, a refugee from war-torn Europe, and a friend to many.

“Mises showed that human action is an important area of study, and that we all need to work to secure the blessings of liberty. But at the same time he was a conscript, refugee, husband, friend. A normal everyday person, somebody like our professor or a neighbor. We want to show that interesting combination, and to stress that in every freedom fighter lies a spark of genius.”

By showing the events and relationships that shaped his life, “Human Action” shines a light on why the principles of economic freedom and personal liberty were so important to Mises, and how they have led to human flourishing around the world.

“Human Action” was financed through donations from individuals who are passionate about the teachings of Mises and who want his legacy to pass on to future generations. Due to COVID-19, the world premiere of the documentary, which took place in Vienna on October 10, was shown to a small but excited audience of individuals from the Freedom and Entrepreneurship Foundation and various leaders from the worldwide freedom movement.

Watch “Human Action” for free here.