OminiraTV lays the groundwork for liberal reforms in Nigeria and Ghana

Ominira TV

The Ominira Initiative for Economic Advancement has successfully launched its OminiraTV project with the goal of educating and empowering people to share solutions to economic problems across Nigeria and Ghana. This project focuses on providing the African people with a platform to learn about new ideas through research and advocacy by creating 48 short videos and one documentary.

In total, the videos have accumulated 122,100 views, with the most popular of the series—3 Things to Know Before Starting a Business in Nigeria—receiving 14,500 views. That video featured a legal practitioner, Barr Dapo Egunwale, who outlines the unique obstacles that impact Nigerian entrepreneurs. By creating videos like these, OminiraTV has been particularly impactful to those with an entrepreneurial focus. By engaging with a younger audience, these videos allow them to learn the basics about the Nigerian business environment and equip them with the proper preparation for success.

The Ominira team credits some of this initiative’s success to the robust training courses provided by the Atlas Leadership Academy. “Taking part in the LCL training has helped us improve our overall video views on our channels,” explained operations director Stephen Oyedemi. “The on-site training in Kenya was very useful for helping our team better understand camera handling, and the best practices for quality sound and video production.”

In the future, the Ominira Initiative hopes to organize an economic forum and begin publishing a quarterly policy magazine. They believe these two projects will open up conversations about individual freedom and good governance, and will encourage young people to be more involved in these discussions

The Ominira Initiative for Economic Advancement received grant support from Atlas Network for this project and has participated in Lights, Camera, Liberty.