Atlas Network Announces Partnership with Mexico-Based Centro Ricardo B. Salinas Pliego and Newly Created Universidad de la Libertad

Atlas Network and Universidad de la Libertad

Atlas Network is proud to announce a new partnership with the Mexico-based Centro Ricardo B. Salinas Pliego (CRBSP), and the Universidad de la Libertad (UL), a new academic institution based in Mexico that will advance free-market principles, business development, and innovation.

Based on the recent signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the three parties, Atlas Network will grow its efforts to foster a new generation of ideas influencers in Latin America dedicated to classical liberal principles.

Atlas Network pledges to provide guest lecturers for UL programs, and to set up a grant structure for the UL to participate in putting into action to create more inclusive prosperity. With Atlas Network expanding access to grants, internships, and events in Latin America, students in the region will become more empowered to advocate for free societies that offer dignity and social mobility for all, especially in Mexico.

Atlas Network will also partner with CRBSP and UL in expanding its “Lights, Camera, Liberty” (LCL) program across the region and hosting its first-ever “Decentralizing Technologies Summit” in Mexico later this year. Funding short films and other videos in a pitch competition, LCL prepares freedom advocates to be effective in their use of filmmaking and video production. Atlas Network’s new Project on Decentralized Technologies, meanwhile, will connect people in the region who are interested in how technologies like Bitcoin can elevate individual and societal freedom.

“Atlas Network couldn’t be more excited to partner with the Centro Ricardo B. Salinas Pliego and Universidad de la Libertad, helping to make Latin America a freer and more prosperous region for decades to come,” said Atlas Network CEO Brad Lips. “Through our new partnership, Latin American students will gain a deeper understanding of classical liberal values and fight back against illiberal ideologies that have taken hold in much of the region. By working together like this, we can build the foundations for a new era of freedom and inclusive prosperity.”

“In recent decades, Atlas Network has been a true champion of freedom in Latin America, and we look forward to carrying on that tradition,” said Ricardo B. Salinas, founder of CRBSP and UL. “With strong support from Atlas Network, the Universidad de la Libertad will revolutionize academia and shape the next generation of liberty advocates. It is important that we leave behind our fears and gather the courage to commit ourselves to building a freer society.”

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