Roxana Nicula wins the 2020 Think Tank Shark Tank competition


Roxana Nicula of Fundación para el Avance de la Libertad (Fundalib) in Spain has been named the winner of the 2020 Think Tank Shark Tank Award!

Spain has the highest self-employment tax in the European Union. This excessively high tax has contributed to a youth unemployment rate over 40 percent. Anyone who is self-employed must pay 4,000 Euros annually just to operate, whether they have income or not. This barrier has made it difficult for young people to take a chance and start a business. Fundalib plans to harness existing anger over these policies and produce a whitepaper on Economics of Youth Entrepreneurship and Tax Obstacles. The team will present the report to relevant stakeholders, highlighting the negative consequences of an unemployed youth.

Roxana Nicula is one of the founders of the Foundation for the Advancement of Liberty (Fundación para el Avance de la Libertad). She is an independent online communication consultant, translator and a law school graduate at both National Bucharest University and Ecological University. Currently, she is Chair of the Board of Trustees of Fundalib.

The other finalists were Linda Kavuka, president of African Students for Liberty and Greg Brooks, co-founder and president of Better Cities Project.

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