Special Episode: Dr. Tom Palmer │ The Ukraine Freedom Fund is Making a Difference

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In this special episode of Borderless, Executive Vice President Dr. Tom G. Palmer joins host Vale Sloane to talk about how the Atlas Network Ukraine Freedom Fund is making a difference on the ground. It's more than just money, however—Atlas Network's long history of building relationships in Ukraine and across Europe have enabled Dr. Palmer and the UFF to have an outsized impact. By working closely with and listening to nine partner organizations in the country, Atlas Network has been able to identify and address specific needs as they arise.

While other, humanitarian-focused, organizations have provided for the needs of refugees fleeing into Poland and other countries, Dr. Palmer and Atlas Network partners are stepping up in areas where their expertise shines through. From sourcing body armor and putting it in the hands of front-line aid workers, medics, and neighborhood patrols who are being targeted by invading snipers, to ensuring that partner staff can get to safety and continue their critical work, the Ukraine Freedom Fund is being used carefully and strategically to ensure a future for the country.