Civil Rights

The crisis in civil rights best books and articles on race, police, and the welfare state

F Douglass

America’s national discussion on the issues of civil rights, policing, race, and the welfare state has great potential to advance “liberty and justice for all.” But our march toward this noble goal will stall unless we acquire—and act on—a deeper shared understanding of the relevant achievements that scholars have made in the fields of history, economics, law, and political philosophy.

To advance the public dialogue, Independent Institute Senior Fellow Dr. Williamson M. Evers has created one of the most exhaustive annotated reading lists ever assembled on the issues of civil rights, police reform, race relations, and the welfare state. Suitable for use by students and educators seeking material for curricula in the social sciences, criminology, and ethnic studies, the list relies heavily on exemplary but lesser-known scholarship that draws on America’s heritage of individual rights, equality under the law, free markets, and freedom of opportunity. In addition, this resource is designed to be special value for civic and business leaders, policymakers, journalists, and the general public.

The reading list will be updated periodically, and the Independent Institute team welcomes reader feedback by leaving a comment, sharing the list on social media, or by sending them a message.