Civil Rights

The U.N. report on Venezuela: utter devastation

Photo Caption: Caracas, Venezuela | July 5, 2019: Venezuelans gather to protest against Nicolás Maduro's government repression, torture, and civil human rights violations. Credit: Edgloris Marys / Shutterstock.

The newest report unveiled by the United Nations constitutes a scathing indictment of Nicolás Maduro, the Venezuelan tyrant, for an appalling litany of crimes against humanity.

"It is important for Venezuelans to know the regime that governs the country," said Rocío Guijarro, general manager of CEDICE Libertad.

This report will undoubtedly generate significant tensions with the would-be government of the country, which has been ravaged by one of the worst economic crises in human history, along with a violent and open repression of individual rights. These include illegal executions, tortures, excessive use of force and arbitrary detentions.

It is paradoxical, in fact, that Venezuela enjoys a seat in the U.N. Council of Human Rights.

Such cases had already been reported by watchdog organizations. Now, this fact-finding report offers ample testimony on the brutality of the Maduro regime, with details (dating back to 2014 and onward) on the acts of torture, human beatings, asphyxiation, prolonged isolation, rape, mutilation, and methods of electric shock to force false confessions.

Not surprisingly, despite repeated attempts to contact representatives of the Maduro dictatorship, members of the U.N. Mission were never able to gather a response or open an opportunity for dialogue.

Here, then, is an independent and compelling confirmation that exposes the atrocities and true face of bolivarian socialism. The Mission unveiled its findings at its forty-fifth session in September 2020. The global community should come together in denouncing such horrific affronts to liberty and human dignity and take a stand on the need to re-establish peace, rule of law, and prosperity among the Venezuelan peoples.

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