Think tanks policy analysis and promotion workshop helps researchers take work to the next level

Analysis and promotion workshop

In today’s environment, quality research and the ability to communicate the meaning of that research are more important than ever. With that environmental challenge in mind, 16 think tank professionals from seven different countries gathered in Mumbai to improve their skills in conducting public policy research and in communicating the meaning of their ideas to key audiences.

For the first day and a half, the Think Tank Policy Analysis and Promotion faculty-led sessions on the research and policy development skills needed to more effectively win the battle of ideas. Participants worked on improving their ability to conduct high-quality qualitative and quantitative research as well as developing an understanding of the fundamentals of constructing and evaluating a range of policy options.

The final day of the workshop was focused on effectively communicating the meaning of the participants' research and the impact of the policies they are advocating to both donors and the public. Participants developed skills around the Features, Benefits, and Meaning framework and creating winning grant proposals.

The 2.5-day workshop was conducted by Atlas Leadership Academy in partnership with the Delhi-based Centre for Civil Society.

Casey Pifer works with (clockwise) Roopali Bista, Bat-Orgil Atlankhuyag, J Paul Zachariah, Sarwagya Raj Pandey, and Sunaina Mathur to evaluate their project proposals.

Here is what participants had to say about the program:

Ravi Ratnasabapathy, Director, Advocata Institute, Sri Lanka
“I was hoping to improve the quality of my articles, policy briefs and papers by using more rigorous, scientific approaches and the workshop gave me good framework and principles and met my expectations. Policy framework cycle by Dr. Swim was the most impactful session of the workshop, and I am hoping to read further and apply this framework in my works in the future.”

Bat-Orgil Altankhuyag, Senior Researcher, The Defacto Institute, Mongolia
“I was hoping to learn more about how to fundraise in our think tank. I think the training exceeded my expectations. This fundraising session was the best because there were a lot of details.”

Roopali Bista, Researcher, Samriddhi Foundation, Nepal
“I came to the workshop to learn more about the various research methods in order to enhance the quality of research that I do, and the workshop has definitely exceeded my expectations. One of the ‘aha’ moments of the session for me in the workshop was the Root Cause Analysis discussion (the 5 why’s method). I look forward to implementing all the tools and techniques of research and advocacy that I have learned from the workshop in my future work. In addition to all I learned, the workshop was also a great opportunity for me to network with people from various other countries and learn more about their work.”