Young Voices launches new Podcast Accelerator Program


The explosion of podcasting in recent years has been unprecedented for media in terms of both audience growth and profitability. Podcasts have become a main source of news and opinion, with roughly 26 percent of Americans tuning in regularly. Still, with most listeners being between the ages of 12 and 25, the podcast boom has only just begun.

To ensure the messages of liberty, free markets, and the rule of law are encompassed in the podcasts of the future, Young Voices has started a new bootcamp in partnership with Atlas Network for young policy professionals. The new initiative, called the Podcast Accelerator Program, will provide gear, training, and support for liberty-oriented podcast projects.

"Let’s face it. Just about anyone can start a podcast these days,” explained Stephen Kent, spokesman and instructor for the Podcast Accelerator Project. “But what we’re looking to bring to the table with this new pilot program is a path to success with your first show. We’re excited to partner with Atlas Network on this initiative and continue our work of amplifying the voices of liberty from the next generation."

Applications for the Podcast Accelerator Project are now open, and Atlas Network partners and allies of all ages and experiences are encouraged to apply here. Accepted applicants will be asked to watch a short webinar about the nuts and bolts of podcasting and promotion. Upon completion, Young Voices will mail a podcast startup kit to help with equipment needs. From there, applicants will have monthly one-on-one mentorship calls with Young Voices staff.

Young Voices received an Atlas Network grant in support of this project.