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Think Tank Shark Tank

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Think Tank Shark Tank Award Competition

Do you have what it takes to stand before an audience of over 500 and pitch your organization's most cutting-edge project? How about before a panel of potential supporters who will quiz you on the intricacies of your plan? In only 5 minutes?

In the spirit of innovation, the Think Tank Shark Tank Competition highlights three grantee contestants who will each have 5 minutes to pitch one of their Atlas Network-funded projects before a panel of judges and an audience of the world's top freedom advocates, influencers, and supporters at Atlas Network's Freedom Dinner on November 16th in New York. The winner will receive $25,000 in additional funding for that project!

Applications for this award are by invitation only. If you have an idea for a compelling and innovative project that is not currently supported by an Atlas Network grant, but you believe it would be a good fit for the competition, please contact Hunter Rauch.

Questions? Contact Hunter Rauch, Institute Relations Manager, at Hunter.Rauch@atlasnetwork.org.


Title: Belarusian Leadership Program

Organization: Ukrainian Students for Freedom

Summary: Daniil Lubkin won the 2021 Think Tank Shark Tank Award for his pitch to train Belarussian activists to work effectively for a freer Belarus.

Title: Talas
Organization: Libertarian Club Libek
Summary: The 2018 Think Tank Shark Tank winner was Petar Čekerevac of Belgrade-based Libertarian Club—Libek for its online media outlet Talas ("The Wave"), which brings the ideas of liberty and libertarian commentary and opinion to millennial audiences in Serbia.

Title: The incubator Le Coquetier
Organization: Institut de Formation Politique
Summary: The 2017 Think Tank Shark Tank winner was Alexandre Pesey of France-based Institut de Formation Politique for the “The incubator Le Coquetier” project proposal. Read more here: AtlasNetwork.org/ThinkTankSharkTank2017

Title: Affordable Food for the Poor MOOC
Organization: Center for Indonesian Policy Studies (CIPS)
Summary: The 2016 Think Tank Shark Tank winner was Anthea Haryoko of Indonesia-based Center for Indonesian Policy Studies (CIPS) for the “Affordable Food for the Poor MOOC” project proposal. Read more here: AtlasNetwork.org/ThinkTankSharkTank2016

Title: Balkan Liberty Fest
Organization: Multi
Summary: The 2015 Think Tank Shark Tank winner was Admir Čavalić of Bosnia and Herzegovina-based Multi for the “Balkan Liberty Fest” project proposal. Read more here: AtlasNetwork.org/ThinkTankSharkTank2015

Title: i-torney: a people's pocket lawyer mobile app
Organization: India Institute
Summary: The 2014 Think Tank Shark Tank winner was Baladevan Rangaraju of New Delhi-based India Institute for the “i-torney: a people’s pocket lawyer mobile app” project proposal. Read more here: AtlasNetwork.org/ThinkTankSharkTank2014