The welfare state is bankrupt. It’s not just the ballooning government debt. It’s the unfunded liabilities – trillions and trillions and trillions of dollars. It’s the crumbling currencies of governments intent on “stimulating” their way to collapse. It’s the erosion of moral capital – of personal responsibility, planning for the future, work, and savings. Now is the time to awake the sleeping generation, the ones who are being handed the bill for generations of irresponsibility. It’s time to prepare young people for After the Welfare State.

If you would like a copy of After the Welfare State or would like to distribute a larger quantity for an event, please contact Atlas is able to ship one book outside the U.S. Please contact to make arrangements for more than one book. After the Welfare State is available in English, French, Vietnamese, and Hindi.

The Atlas Network coordinates a global network of freedom advocates – think tanks, student organizations, websites, educational campaigns, universities, taxpayer organizations, and much more – that campaign tirelessly for libertarian ideas – personal liberty, free enterprise, limited government, toleration, peace, and prosperity through property and free markets.

“Free services” come at a price. When you give up your independence, you lose your freedom. Someone has to propose, not only “reforming” welfare states, but getting rid of them. It’s time to challenge directly Otto von Bismarck’s most lasting and poisonous legacy.

It’s our job to undo what Bismarck, Roosevelt, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Bush, and the other welfare statist politicians did. It’s our job to help people to recapture their own independence, to grasp personal responsibility, and to retrench, restrain, and resist the welfare state. It’s not merely an option. It’s a responsibility. And it’s unavoidable.

Atlas Network and its partners, notably Students for Liberty, have taken the initiative to produce and distribute hard-hitting books on freedom to students. It’s our mission to capture the high moral ground in the great struggle between the forces of liberty and responsibility, on the one hand, and the forces of despotism and dependency, on the other. These books have also been translated into dozens of other languages for worldwide distribution.


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