Finding New Ideas in Old Ones

Brad Lips

By Brad Lips

CEO, Atlas Network

Liggio Lecture Mockup Transparent
Leonard Liggio (1933-2014) is remembered as one of the key thought leaders and movement builders who revived classical liberalism in the second half of the twentieth century.

For ten years, Atlas Network has sustained a lecture series in Leonard Liggio's name, to energize new audiences with challenging ideas, surprising historical insights, and reflections on the virtues that made Leonard a quiet but effective force for good in the world.


Atlas Network CEO Brad Lips has edited this collection from the first decade of the Liggio Lecture Series, so readers can share this experience-and find new ideas in old ones. It includes a foreword by Atlas Network Executive VP Tom G. Palmer and features contributions from: Randy Barnett, Peter Boettke, Gabriel Calzada Alvarez, Lenore T. Ealy, Hon. Douglas H. Ginsburg, James Otteson, David Schmidtz, John Tomasi, and Lawrence H. White.

[Leonard Liggio] was not famous. He did not have power. But he was acknowledged by hundreds of people, from dozens of countries, for having meaningfully influenced the direction of their lives.

- Brad Lips