The Morality of Capitalism: What Your Professors Won't Tell You

Tom G Palmer

By Tom G. Palmer

Executive Vice President for International Programs

The Morality of Capitalism Mockup
The second in the “What Your Professors Won't Tell You” series of essays on political economy.

Authors include Nobel Prize winners Mario Vargas Llosa and Vernon Smith, Whole Foods Market CEO and founder John Mackey, and scholars from across the globe.

The Morality of Capitalism is available in English, Greek, Arabic, Chinese, French, Spanish, Hungarian, Chinese, Latvian, Azari, Romanian, India Edition (English), Russian, Hindi, Amharic, Dari, Farsi, Bosnian, Kurdishm, Vietnamese, and Punjabi.

The first book in this series The Economics of Freedom: Selected Works of Frederic Bastiat, includes a foreword by Nobel Prize economist F.A. Hayek.


This book series is a project of the campus organization Students for Liberty and is intended to "offer the other side of the debate, the side that is rarely acknowledged to exist" in college courses on economics and political science. Students are encouraged to "read the best criticisms of free market capitalism ... Marx, Sombart, Rawls, Sandel" and then “wrestle with the arguments offered in this book, think about them, and make up your own mind.”

Something else is needed: an ethics of free exchange and of wealth production through innovation.

- Tom G. Palmer
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