FAQ: How can we help you?

Transparency is our goal; that’s why we’ve gathered our most frequently asked questions right here. If you don’t find an answer to your question, reach out anytime.

  • Atlas Network is headquartered in Arlington, Virginia, but we support a network of think tanks that span the globe. These think tanks are run independently with local leadership. Please see our featured partners on "The Network" page of the website.

  • Sir Antony Fisher is the founder of Atlas Network. To learn more read the Founder’s Story.

  • Atlas Network is constantly sharing news and analysis from around the network and maintains a searchable archive of past articles and blog posts. Check out the Latest section to find what you are looking for.

  • Visit Atlas Network’s YouTube channel for videos from our Development with Dignity series, our international events, and other activities around the world.

  • The name was not derived from the book.

  • No. Atlas Network is the trade name we adopted officially in 2013 for the Atlas Economic Research Foundation (which remains our corporate legal name). We use Atlas Network to emphasize the value created by connecting our independent partners across the U.S. and around the world. We also found that our legal name gave the false impression that we publish economic forecasts (that is something many of our partners do, but not our Atlas Network team) or that we are an endowed grant-giving foundation (we do give seed grants and project funding to some of our partners, but this is only possible because of donors who support our work year-to-year).

  • Atlas Network strives to provide personal assistance to individuals who are starting a free-market institute. Through Atlas Network Academy, individuals can participate in online training programs that provide guidance through the early stages of starting a think tank.

  • Atlas Network hosts the annual Liberty Forum & Freedom Dinner in New York City as well as Regional Liberty Forums in Africa, Asia, Europe, and Latin America. You can learn more about Atlas Network’s events and free-market events around the world on our Events page.

  • You can start by getting involved with our social networks including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube pages. If you are looking to contribute in more tangible ways, visit our Donate page. If you’re eager to become a network member and participate in the Atlas Network Academy, click here.

  • If you operate an organization committed to advancing liberty, you can apply to become an Atlas Network partner or contact Hunter Rauch at Hunter.Rauch@AtlasNetwork.org. Partners are eligible and encouraged to apply for any of Atlas Network's many training, grant and networking opportunities. If you are an individual not associated with an organization, we invite you to enroll today in Atlas Network Academy and to learn more about how you can advance liberty in your region. Atlas Network works with a wide array of individuals and organizations around the world, and we may be able to introduce you to helpful contacts who share your goals. In addition, Atlas Network has several products that allow you to become more involved with the greater think tank movement:

    Flagship Events: Each year Atlas Network hosts the Liberty Forum & Freedom Dinner, one of the freedom movement’s “must-attend” events, providing prime opportunities for learning about and networking with the global think tank network. In addition, there are local and regional meetings that can provide an introduction to the broader network. Atlas Network shares information on these events, as well as other local meetings, on our events page.

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  • As a support organization, the greatest value Atlas Network can provide for a young institute is through connections to other friends in the worldwide freedom movement. To complement this support, we also provide management training, recognition through various award programs, and opportunities to network with think tank leaders from around the world.

    When funding is available, Atlas Network is able to provide grants and awards to support the work of network partners on a case by case basis. As we are not an endowed organization, we have to raise funds year-to-year to offer this form of financial support. With modest resources available for grants, we can only fund a fraction of the worthy proposals we receive. Although many donors prefer to remain anonymous, all are invested personally and financially in the advancement of liberty throughout the world. We are grateful to the generous individuals and foundations that, through their giving, make it possible to extend Atlas Network-sponsored grants.

    Several grant programs are currently available. More information can be found here.

  • The number of think tanks in each country is constantly changing. Atlas Network currently works with 500 think tanks in 100 countries.