Our Mission

Atlas Network increases global prosperity by strengthening a network of independent partner organizations that promote individual freedom and are committed to identifying and removing barriers to human flourishing.

“Educate your children ... to love the freedom of others, for only in this way will your own freedom not be a gratuitous gift from fate. You will be aware of its worth and will have the courage to defend it.”

- Brazilian abolitionist Joaquim Nabuco (1849-1910)
Our Vision

The Atlas Network vision is of a free, prosperous, and peaceful world where the principles of individual liberty, property rights, limited government, and free markets are secured by the rule of law.

Our Approach

Atlas Network cultivates a network of partners that share this vision. To accelerate the pace of achievement by our partners in their local communities, Atlas Network’s unique Coach, Compete, Celebrate!™ strategic model inspires our partners to improve performance and achieve extraordinary outcomes.