Impact Through Innovation.

Today, Atlas Network connects almost 600 think tanks in over 100 countries. Each of our partners is demonstrating how principled work affects public opinion in favor of a free society. To win the long-term policy battles that will shape history, we need individuals to champion freedom and create credible institutes—well-managed and independent of vested interests—that use sound business practices to advance sound public policy ideas that improve the quality of life for all.

“Everyone has the right to manifest their fullest potential.”

- Magatte Wade, Director, Center for African Prosperity
Coach, Compete, Celebrate!™

Atlas Network provides world-class seminars, workshops, mentoring, and other learning opportunities that inspire professionalism and create a sense of one community among our independent partners. We offer grants and prizes that fuel our partners’ efforts to strive for greater development, innovation, and success. We foster togetherness and teamwork and fuel our partners’ ambitions by celebrating wins and broadcasting their accomplishments. This approach seeks to strengthen the worldwide freedom movement by expanding and energizing the global network of think tank leaders and staff to continually inspire and redefine excellence in advancing the cause of liberty.

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