The People That Power Our Mission

Atlas Network's Global Council of CEOs team

The Global Council of CEOs represents some of the very best think tank leaders in the network. During their two-year terms on the Council, they convene to tackle "Big Questions" about the latest opportunities to redefine think tank excellence and to provide strategic counsel to Altas Network leadership on its own evolving strategies and programs.

Martin agerup 01

Martin Ågerup

CEO - Center for Politiske Studier (CEPOS)

Robert alt 02

Robert Alt

President and CEO - The Buckeye Institute

Steven anderson 03

Steven Anderson

President and CEO - Pacific Legal Foundation

Connor boyack 04

Connor Boyack

Founder and President - Libertas Institute

Jon caldara 05

Jon Caldara

President - Independence Institute

Emily chamlee wright 06

Emily Chamlee-Wright

President and CEO - Institute for Humane Studies

Amy o cooke 07

Amy Cooke

CEO - John Locke Foundation

Lindsey craig 08

Lindsey Craig

President - National Review Institute

Richard durana 09

Richard Durana

Director - Institute of Economic and Social Studies

Ricardo gomes 10

Ricardo Gomes

President Emeritus - Instituto de Estudos Empresariais (IEE)

Rocio guijarro 11

Rocio Guijarro

General Manager - Cedice Libertad

Scott henning 12

Scott Hennig

President and CEO - Canadian Taxpayers Federation

Randy hicks 13

Randy Hicks

President and CEO - Georgia Center for Opportunity

Terry kibbe 14

Terry Kibbe

Chief Executive Officer - Free the People Foundation

Svetla kostadinova 15

Svetla Kostadinova

Executive Director - Institute for Market Economics

Kent lassman 16

Kent Lassman

President and CEO - Competitive Enterprise Institute

Joe lehman 04

Joe Lehman

President - Mackinac Center for Public Policy

Brad lips 19

Brad Lips

CEO - Atlas Network

Monila melo g 18

Monika Melo G.

Partner Director - Instituto OMG

Charles mitchell 19

Charles Mitchell

President and CEO - Commonwealth Foundation

David nott 20

David Nott

President - Reason Foundation

Guillermo peña 21

Guillermo Peña

Chairman - Fundación Eléutera

Roger ream 18

Roger Ream

President - The Fund for American Studies (TFAS)

Ernesto selman 23

Ernesto Selman

Executive Vice President - Centro Regional de Estrategias Económicas Sostenibles

Zilvinas silenas 24

Zilvinas Silenas

President - Foundation for Economic Freedom, Inc.

John tillman 37

John Tillman

Co-Director, Atlas Network, Center for U.S. and Canada

Niels veldhuis 25

Niels Veldhuis

President - The Fraser Institute