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One of the initial projects of Center for African Prosperity is the The Africa Trade Collaboratory (ATC), which is designed to support Atlas Network’s Africa partners working on promoting intra-African trade as a solution to poverty. The ATC provides a virtual summit that serves as a forum for beneficiary partners to share knowledge about the state of trade on the continent, and identify opportunities for collaboration on open trade policies, particularly as they affect people in the informal sector.

  1. Participation is only open to Atlas Network’s Africa partners or non-African partners interested in open trade in Africa.

  2. Each participating think tank must:
    1. Have a pending application for or must have been awarded a Human Dignity or a Global Voices for Open Trade grant; OR

    2. Have a pending application for or must have been awarded any other grants related to trade and poverty reduction; OR

    3. Have a current or future project related to trade and poverty reduction.

Not a partner? Apply here.

Not currently working on any of these issues but still interested in participating? Please, contact Ibrahim Anoba at

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How frequently does the ATC meet?
    1. Three times annually

  2. Who attends the ATC?
    1. The ATC is a space for high-level conversations on trade and poverty in Africa. We expect the top executives, research directors, project leaders, and trade experts of participating organizations to attend.

  3. Where does the ATC meet?
    1. Virtual - a Zoom link will be provided upon registration

  4. Whom do I contact if I have a question?

    1. Please forward questions to Ibrahim Anoba at


The ATC is hosted by Ibrahim Anoba, a senior fellow of the Center for African Prosperity.

Upcoming Trade Collaboratories

The next ATC meeting will take place on Tuesday, June 1, 2023.