1390x350 Global Leadership and Team Consulting

Atlas Network offers partner organizations in its network in-depth consulting services on a variety of themes. These services are largely pro bono for successful applicants in accordance with our mission to strengthen the capacity and effectiveness of local think tanks. While each consulting engagement is customized to meet the particular needs of the client, a typical experience involves multiple collaborative exercises both virtually and in-person over the course of several weeks.

Atlas Network’s consulting team practices what is known as process consulting, which emphasizes the client’s own leadership and autonomy in support of local vision and priorities. To learn more about the various themes and goals of consulting engagements and to apply for services, please review the following opportunities.

Our Services
North Stars Strategic Planning 800 x 400 px

North Stars Strategic Planning

The aim of this theme is to develop consensus around ambitious and measurable priorities to guide your organization’s work. Successful North Star plans facilitate entrepreneurial and aligned engagement among teams to accelerate mission focus and new levels of organizational achievement.

Culture Values And Team Dynamics 800 x 400 px

Culture, Values, and Team Dynamics

The aim of this theme is to develop consensus and commitment to shared values around cooperative teamwork and communication throughout the organization. Successful engagements will see new models and norms for working together effectively towards the organization’s most important goals.

Change Management 800 x 400 px

Change Management

The aim of this theme is to develop consensus on a change management process that may include updated roles and responsibilities for various team members as well as new routines for pursuing priority strategies and tactics within the organization. Change processes will emphasize inclusiveness and co-creation for optimal transitions.

Staff Leadership Team Retreats 800 x 400 px

Staff & Leadership Team Retreats

Staff retreats can be highly productive opportunities for energizing your team, tackling pain points, and/or expanding the organizational vision for the coming year. Our lead consultants will work with you to develop a custom plan for facilitating a one- or two-day retreat on site with your team.

Custom Priorities 800 x 400 px

Custom Priorities

One of the key benefits of process consulting is its broad adaptability to each set of unique client needs. If your vision for change is not indicated by any of the above themes, use this application to start a conversation with us about how we might best serve your needs.

"I was looking at various proposals from reputable consulting groups ranging from $25,000 to $50,000 to help us with our strategic planning, but I was not convinced those partnerships would really provide us what we were looking for. I reached out to Atlas Network instead, and over the course of a few months we worked together, along with our full staff, to craft the next evolution of our success. It was just what we needed in a consulting partnership."

- Jim Eckstein, EVP, Georgia Center for Opportunity