2018 Lights, Camera, Liberty Film Festival Award finalists named from Canada, Chile, U.S.


The Lights, Camera, Liberty program is a grant and training opportunity that Atlas Network offers to U.S. and international partners, helping organizations transform the way they market their messages through online video. This year’s Lights, Camera, Liberty Film Festival Award winner will be announced at Liberty Forum & Freedom Dinner, November 7-8, 2018. The three finalists for 2018 are Becket, based in Washington D.C., United States; The Canadian Taxpayers Foundation, based in the Regina, Canada; and Libertad y Desarrollo, based in Santiago, Chile. Watch their videos bellow:

Becket: “Why There Aren't More Sikhs in the Military”

What if you had to choose between serving your god and serving your country? Becket’s “Why There Aren't More Sikhs in the Military” tells the story of Captain Simritpal Singh — who had to confront this question — and exposes a government policy that has discriminated against the world’s fifth largest religion for over 30 years.

Canadian Taxpayers Foundation: “Beer in the U.S.A”

The Canadian Taxpayers Foundation has drawn attention to the rising costs that result from increased taxes by focusing on a product that no one wishes to pay more for: beer. “Beer in the U.S.A.” is a humorous music video which explains how beer is twice as expensive in Canada as in the United States because of the level of taxation that supports big government programs.

Libertad y Desarrollo: “3 Razones para Apoyar Ana Inmigración Sustentable y Regulada”

Libertad y Desarrollo reveals the true costs of current immigration laws in Chile as well as the opportunities for mutual prosperity that new immigrants can provide. With engaging graphics, skillful editing, and a compelling, concise voice-over, “3 Razones para Apoyar Ana Inmigración Sustentable y Regulada” presents the case for a hopeful future.

The Lights, Camera, Liberty Film Festival Award recognizes the most successful online video of the year. These finalists were able to articulate the strategic impact of their video, have reached significant and strategic audiences, utilized effective messaging or storytelling, and demonstrated capable production and editing techniques.

The finalists will attend Liberty Forum & Freedom Dinner 2018 to present their video in the Lights, Camera, Liberty Film Festival. The winner will receive a $1,000 cash prize. This opportunity is limited to current and past Lights, Camera, Liberty training participants.