22 think tank leaders sharpen skills at 10-day Think Tank MBA

Think Tank MBA 2015

Even the best think tanks, staffed with the most experienced and qualified researchers, need leaders who bring new ideas and guidance that will help their organizations polish their best ideas and bring them to fruition. That’s why Atlas Network offers Think Tank MBA, the flagship training program within Atlas Leadership Academy, a 10-day strategic planning curriculum for leaders within both new and established think tanks.

Participants in Think Tank MBA focus primarily on drafting a strategic plan for their organizations, and also gain customized leadership advice, and compete in a Campaign Challenge and the John Blundell Elevator Pitch Competition. This intensive training program helps think tank leaders of all types create a leaner, more professional, and more highly regarded organization.

The 2015 Think Tank MBA course begins on Friday, Oct. 30, and concludes on Tuesday, Nov. 10, coinciding with the start of Atlas Network’s Liberty Forum & Freedom Dinner.

The 2015 Think Tank MBA participants:

Tim Andrews — Executive Director, Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance (Australia)

Sam Bowman — Deputy Director, Adam Smith Institute (United Kingdom)

Admir Čavalić — Founder, Multi (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

Juan Sebastian Chamorro — Executive Director, FUNIDES (Nicaragua)

Mahmoud Farouk — Executive Director, Egyptian Center for Public Policy Studies (Egypt)

Alex Gladstein — Chief Strategy Officer, Human Rights Foundation (United States)

Lissa Hanckel — Director of Development, Universidad Francisco Marroquín (Guatemala)

Julie Hernandez — Program Management Director, Instituto de Ciencia Politica Hernan Echavarria Olozaga (Colombia)

Minna Joseph — Chief Operating Officer, Centre for Public Policy Research (India)

Jonathan Moody — Managing Director, PovertyCure (United States)

Roberto Munita — Executive Director, Instituto de Estudios de la Sociedad (Chile)

Miloš Nikolić — President, Libertarian Club Libek (Serbia)

Edgar Ortiz — Executive Director, Centro de Estudios Económico-Sociales (Guatemala)

Michael Rotich — Co-Founder and Executive Director, Eastern Africa Policy Centre (Kenya)

Bican Sahin — President, Freedom Research Association (Turkey)

Alvaro Salas — Founder, Democracy Lab (Costa Rica)

Renate Samson — Chief Executive, Big Brother Watch (United Kingdom)

Patricio Toussaint — Researcher, Centro de Investigación para el Desarrollo A.C. (Mexico)

Raza Ullah — President, Alternate Solutions Institute (Pakistan)

Marija Vyšniauskaitė — Head of Education Centre, Lithuanian Free Market Institute (Lithuania)

Nena Whitfield — Executive Director, Ladies of Liberty Alliance (United States)

Jordan Williams — Cofounder and Executive Director, New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union (New Zealand)