Africa Liberty Forum focuses on ideas of liberty, strategic challenges

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The first annual Africa Liberty Forum, co-hosted by Atlas Network and IMANI Center for Policy and Education, brings together friends of the freedom movement across Africa to discuss challenges facing the region and to learn from one another how to most effectively advance free-market reforms. This is an exceptional opportunity to learn from those on the front lines in the battle of ideas for freedom. Africa Liberty Forum will be held from June 9–10 in Accra, Ghana, and will be followed on June 11–12 by Africa Intermediate Think Tank Training, an intensive program offered by Atlas Leadership Academy.

Africa Liberty Forum will feature representatives of leading African think tanks and others, including Franklin Cudjoe with IMANI; Mike Rotich with the Eastern Africa Policy Centre in Kenya; Chorfor Che with the Central African Centre for Libertarian Thought and Action; Japheth Omojuwa with; Elisa Martins, Atlas Network’s associate director of programs; and many more.

The purpose of Africa Liberty Forum, along with other Regional Liberty Forums, is to bring together Atlas Network partners in a spirit of collaboration and friendly competition. They provide training opportunities, discussions of shared challenges, and opportunities to share best practices and thereby accelerate improvement and innovation. At the closing dinner, Atlas Network will also announce the winners of its Regional Liberty Awards, which celebrate the most successful projects by Atlas Network partners.

Topical sessions during Africa Liberty Forum will include:

  • Africa's prosperous future: Challenges to entrepreneurship
  • Are religious differences, poverty, or unemployment courting insecurity in Africa?
  • Who is slowing integration? African leaders or their citizens?
  • Should we integrate regionally before attempting a continental Free Trade Area?
  • Falling oil prices: Is this the new natural resource a curse?
  • Lessons from the Chinese economic downturn
  • Presidential term limits in Africa: Are they the new limits to our democracy?
  • Fundraising tips for growth