Anuki Premachandra wins the 2019 John Blundell Elevator Pitch Competition


Anuki Premachandra of Advocata Institute has won the 2019 John Blundell Elevator Pitch Competition at Liberty Forum & Freedom Dinner 2019. Eva Christensen of Mannkal Economic Education Foundation took second place, and Ines Marrache of Asociación de Contribuyentes del Perú took third place.

Premachandra spoke about the Advocata Institute's efforts to cut the taxes exceeding 60 percent on sanitary napkins in Sri Lanka, which is an unfair burden on women that keeps girls out of school and women out of work.

The competition this year sourced contestants from the new Leader Lab training, and the competition is named after the late John Blundell, who served for twenty years as director general at the Institute of Economic Affairs and as CEO of Atlas Network.