Atlas Network partners win big at the 2019 Anthem Film Festival


Several Atlas Network partners took home awards at the 2019 Anthem Film Festival, a showcase for libertarian films, which was held during the annual FreedomFest convention in Las Vegas.

Made in Mekhé, a half-hour documentary produced by Foundation for Economic Education was awarded "Best Documentary: Short Narrative." The documentary follows Magatte Wade, the director of Atlas Network’s Center for African Prosperity, as she creates business opportunities in her home country of Senegal.

Director Logan Albright of Free the People took home the “Excellence in Filmmaking” documentary prize for his film The Right to Bear 3D Printers, which looks at the ways in which advancements in technology are perceived as threats to public safety.

Director Ryan Patch won the “Excellence in Filmmaking” narrative film award for Regulation, a production of Moving Picture Institute and StorytellersUK. The short story of a social worker who delivers a behavior-modifying happiness patch has been widely recognized by film festivals around the country.

The Atlas Society, based in Washington, DC, won “Best Libertarian Ideals” for My Name is Victimhood, part of the Draw My Life series. My Name is Victimhood makes the case against the Marxist tactic of exploiting people by convincing them they are oppressed.

Juana Manso, which is part of Atlas Network’s Doing Development Differently video series, was an official Anthem Film Festival selection. The documentary short, directed by Charlie Fritschner, tells the story of how Libertad y Progreso, an Atlas Network partner, played a key role in ending local tariffs on computers, making access to technology possible for children in urban schools.