Atlas Network senior fellow launches new think tank in Indonesia

Rainer Heufers 2

As Indonesia embarks on a wide range of social and economic reforms, a new think tank, the Center for Indonesian Policy Studies (CIPS), will support the ideas of individual freedom and an open society.

Launched in late February by Atlas Network Senior Think Tank MBA Fellow Rainer Heufers, CIPS will combat the rise of conservatism and protectionism by providing support for freedom through policies that are based on the belief that only civil, political, and economic liberty allows Indonesia to prosper.

CIPS is currently working on studies about property rights reform to reduce deforestation, and on increasing freedom for migrant workers in order to foster inclusive development.

Heufers is a trainer with the Atlas Leadership Academy’s Think Tank MBA program, where he has provided guidance to intellectual entrepreneurs for the past eight years. Heufers has previously represented the Friedrich Naumann Foundation in several Asian nations, including Indonesia.

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