KEFIM partners with Atlas Network to host team summit

Kefim partners

Last year KEFIM, one of Greece's most prominent think tanks, experienced significant growth in its staff size and programs. With new team members and a suite of new activities, KEFIM's leadership reached out to Atlas Network's Matt Warner to partner with them on creating a uniquely designed team summit to help them accelerate their organizational path to success.

"Working with Matt was extremely helpful not just because it saved us a lot of time, which it did, but because he helped us organize all of our ideas, so it really gave us a new level of clarity about our own organization," explained Nicos Rompapas, KEFIM's executive director.

Warner worked with the KEFIM team ahead of time to prepare for the Team Summit by interviewing team members individually and designing a custom agenda for the two-day workshop experience.

"Our approach to this kind of collaboration," Warner noted, "is based on Georgetown University's Organizational Development (OD) methodology and curriculum which ensures that my role as consultant is not to presume I have all the answers but instead to support partner organizations in discovering for themselves their own priorities and unique solutions. It works because it is their wisdom at work, not mine."

KEFIM's leadership knew they had a passionate and talented team and they were already making impressive progress towards their goals this year.

"For us this was about taking the time to step back, to make sure we are being proactive about building a top notch operation so we can stay ahead of any roadblocks or misalignment that might slow us down in the future," said KEFIM President Alexander Skouras. "We have a lot on our plates this year and we like it that way, but we don't want to miss a beat either."

Atlas Network offers these types of consulting services to its partners pro-bono as part of its mission to strengthen organizations advancing the ideas of liberty. If your organization is interested in enlisting Matt Warner for a similar on-site Team Summit, please complete an application here.

Leadership and Team Development Workshops (Team Summits) can provide a wide variety of benefits to the participating organization including but not limited to:

  • Discovering how to align and coordinate better as a team
  • Improving understanding of leadership functions
  • Figuring out why results have plateaued or fallen off
  • Navigating organizational change
  • Attracting more talent to the organization
  • Resolving conflict or unhealthy dynamics
  • Going from a good organization to a great organization