We have reached our maximum client capacity for this year and will be accepting applications starting January 2019.
Atlas Network invites qualified partners to apply for a free three-month term consulting contract with a Georgetown University-certified Organizational Development consultant. The key benefit to successful applicants will be a custom-designed 1 or 2-day on-site workshop at the partner’s headquarters.
One of the most valuable assets an organization possesses is its people. Though all of us have a lifetime’s worth of experiences with people, there is still so much to learn about achieving great results as a team. Organizational Development is a theory and practice that seeks to help organizations achieve high-functioning and high-performance teams. By design, it is highly customized to each organization’s needs.
Specifically, the Organizational Development process can help you:
  • Discover how to align and coordinate better as a team
  • Improve understanding of leadership functions
  • Figure out why results have plateaued or fallen off
  • Navigate organizational change
  • Attract more talent to the organization
  • Resolve conflict or unhealthy dynamics
  • Go from a good organization to a great organization
To bring the benefits of Organizational Development to its partners, Atlas Network offers pro-bono process consulting to partner organizations on a case-by-case basis.
What is process consulting?
The purpose of process consulting is to help organizations better understand their strengths and weaknesses and to help them navigate a way forward. It is focused on people-centered solutions to achieve better results. Process consultants do not tell clients what to do. Instead, they facilitate productive conversations and assessments using valuable techniques that increase the likelihood of organization-wide success.
Is my organization a strong candidate to apply?
For the type of consulting this program offers, the ideal organization should have at least six full-time employees and a track record of full-time operation of at least 18 months.
How does it work?
If your application is approved, Atlas Network will schedule something like the following (subject to customization for best results):
Month One: Initial consultation(s) via phone/video conference
Month Two: Discovery, to include remote interviews and/or surveys of team members or other relevant parties. Themes (not raw data) from the results will be shared with leadership for discussion and to design a way forward.
Month Three: Atlas Network consultant will travel to partner organization to lead a customized workshop  designed to address the priority themes. A final report will be provided with next steps.
Important things to know
Atlas Network’s consulting follows the best practices and ethics of Organizational Development. Process consultants partner with clients in a spirit of collaboration and will never attempt to interfere in any way that is contrary to client’s wishes. Raw data collected through interviews and surveys will be kept in strict confidence and will not be shared with anyone, including client leadership. Only the non-identifying summary results or themes will be shared. Also, process consultants do not perform requested tasks or other work for the client beyond the scope of the consulting process.
Atlas Network’s process consulting will be conducted or overseen by its Chief Operating Officer, Matt Warner, who is certified by Georgetown University in Organizational Consulting and Change Leadership.

"We're a fast growing, mission-driven organization so we have to continually work to strike the right balance between meeting the day's urgent business needs and being pro-active about the team culture we are fostering over the long term. Partnering with Matt Warner over a three-month period gave us a fast and effective way to make big, positive changes in our organization which we continue to build on."
 - CEO of a Washington, D.C.-based tech company with 35 employees. 

This year Atlas Network partnered with KEFIM, one of Greece's most prominent think tanks to create a uniquely designed team summit to help them accelerate their organizational path to success. More details can be found here.