Petar Čekerevac wins 2018 Think Tank Shark Tank competition

Petar Cekerevac

Atlas Network congratulates Petar Čekerevac of the Libertarian Club Libek for winning the 2018 Think Tank Shark Tank competition during Liberty Forum and Freedom Dinner, where three think tank leaders pitch exciting new projects to a panel of judges in an effort to win $25,000 in seed-funding. The 2018 Think Tank Shark Tank competition was held in front of the crowd of over 700 at the Intrepid Sea, Air, & Space Museum in Manhattan.

Libek won the 2017 Europe Think Tank Shark Tank competition, where it first pitched Talas ("The Wave"), in order to bring the ideas of liberty and libertarian commentary and opinion to millennial audiences in Serbia. These ideas challenge the increasingly dull, collectivist, and government-controlled media scene in the country. Over the past seven months, Talas has grown in popularity, surpassing far-left and far-right outlets. Its popular-style opinion and commentary articles on current political events that are published on Talas have engaged tens of thousands of monthly users and have been quoted in several mainstream media outlets.

“Libek's goal is to grow Talas to become a leading political media in the country and the most popular independent online media outlet, by reaching half a million monthly website hits by the end of 2019,” says Petar Čekerevac, executive manager of Libek. Through this win, Libek will build upon its existing success in order to reach even more people with the ideas of liberty and human flourishing.

Other projects include the Foundation for Economic Education and its video project Invisible Hands, aimed at reaching high schoolers with the message of free markets; and the Lebanese Institute for Market Studies with its project aimed at giving college students the tools they need to start classical liberal groups on campus.