Strategic MarCom 360 workshop in Sydney challenges 27 think tank leaders to take hard look at messaging

Mar Com 360

Before the start of the 2019 World Taxpayers’ Conference and Australian Libertarian Society’s Friedman Conference in Sydney, Australia, 27 think tank leaders from 14 countries participated in an Atlas Network workshop to learn about how to use targeted messaging to make a stronger impact. The first-ever Strategic MarCom 360 workshop, led by Atlas Network’s Dr. Lyall Swim, was held in partnership with the Australian Taxpayers’ Alliance.

Over the two-day workshop, participants worked through a number of questions to defined their strategic position, their goals, and the audiences they aspire to reach. Swim stressed the necessity of a well-developed strategic communications plan with a compelling message.

“The Strategic MarCom 360 training program is a practical set of tools that links communication planning and tactics directly to the organization's vision & mission,” said Andrew Cooper, president of LibertyWorks in Australia. “It's a framework that leads you logically from the big picture goals to the tactics and actions that will be most impactful in moving directly towards those goals.”

One of the most important components of in-person workshops is the unique knowledge that participants are able to share with the rest of the group. With such a diverse group of participants in the room for the Strategic MarCom 360 training, this was especially true.

Inés Marrache, chief of legal research at Asociación de Contribuyentes del Perú, shared, “Being a part of this training was an incredible experience, not just from the well-designed content, but also for being able to share the room with experienced people from around the world with diverse backgrounds. Hearing their experiences and knowledge enriched my learning process.”

A major challenge shared by many Atlas Network partner organizations is the need to educate general audiences on the wide-ranging benefits of free markets on freedom and human flourishing. Trainings like Strategic MarCom 360 work to bridge the gap from research to reform to lasting prosperity for all.