Third class of Afghan 'Human Rights Club' graduates


Founded by a group of university professors, human rights activists, policy makers, economists, civil society activists, and youth, the Afghanistan Economic and Legal Studies Organization (AELSO) opened was established in December 2009.

One of AELSO’s most impactful initiatives has become its annual “Human Rights Club” training for Afghan youth, legal and judicial institution employees, human rights and civil society activists, university students, and journalists. The aim of the academic Human Rights Club is to teach its members about the values of free societies and their compatibility with Islamic values.

Forty individuals were shortlisted from an applicant pool of 688 for entrance into the Human Rights Club for its most recent class. By learning international understandings of human rights and the basics of classical liberalism, successful graduates become effective advocates for human rights, peace, prosperity, and liberty in Afghanistan. Eventually, 26 successfully graduated in a ceremony in Kabul on December 28, 2017.

“The Human Rights Club is very useful for all Afghans, especially the new generation,” said Abed Ahmadzai, one of the Human Rights club participants. “As one of the graduated students of the club, I appreciate AELSO’s great work and its Silk Road Station for supporting the young generation of Afghanistan and teaching libertarian ideas that can open bright windows for living in peace and prosperity. I would like to thank AELSO, Atlas Network, Network for a Free Society, and other partners of AELSO.”

During the graduation ceremony, Professor Abu Ahrar Ramizpoor – one of the founders of AELSO – said, “The activities of ALESO promoting libertarian values are very essential and valuable as the nation currently needs these values.”

“AELSO has wider and greater programs for the promotion of a market economy and other free society values for the year 2018, which can lead the whole nation toward peace and prosperity,” added Khalid Ramizy, executive director of AELSO. “I express my great gratitude from our all partners for their continued support.”

Despite functioning in an atmosphere of social, cultural, political, and security challenges, AELSO works to expand an understanding of what makes up a free society throughout Afghanistan.