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*This program will be presented in Spanish unless otherwise stated.


Thursday, June 14

8:00   Registration Opens
9:00 Speed Networking
  An Atlas Network tradition! Begin the Latin America Liberty Forum by meeting new friends in the freedom movement in a fast-paced "speed dating" format.

Moderating: Daniel Anthony (Atlas Network, USA)

9:45   Welcome & State of the Liberty Movement in Latin America


  • Brad Lips, Atlas Network CEO
  • Axel Kaiser, Fundación para el Progreso Executive Director
10:00   Cornerstone Talks

This first session of the Latin America Liberty Forum sets the tone for the conference as it is about liberty in Latin America. Speakers will share what is happening in a particular project, in their institute, or in their country. The perspective of this session is broad enough to inspire a broad range of discussions. 

Moderator: Antonella Marty (Atlas Network, Argentina)


  • Agustin Etchebarne (Libertad y Progreso, Argentina) on "Shifting to Playing Offense"
  • Carlos Montufar (Universidad San Francisco de Quito) on "Higher Education and Classical Liberalism"
  • Axel Kaiser (Fundación para el Progreso, Chile) on "Preserving Chile’s Experiment in Economic Freedom"
  • Roberto Salinas Leon (Mexico Business Forum, Mexico) on why "Business Leaders Must Stop Being Pro-Business, But Rather Pro-Market”
  • Cecilia Vazquez Ger (Instituto Acton, Argentina) on "Building Alliances with Communities of Faith”
11:15 Consecutive Breakouts

A) 21st Century Challenges -- The Digital Era and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Join us for a discussion led by Axel Kaiser (Executive Director, Fundación para el Progreso) about automation, artificial intelligence, blockchain and how other innovations of the 4th industrial revolution will change the public policy landscape, social, economic, and cultural landscape. How can think tanks prepare for this future and maximize the odds it moves in the direction of freedom?

Moderator: Axel Kaiser (Fundación para el Progreso, Chile)

Speakers: Rafael Rincón (Fundación para el Progreso, Chile) on “Disruption, and the world we face” • Pelayo Covarrubias (País Digital, Chile) on “Challenges for digital transformation and the Chilean case” • Sergio Melnick (Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, Chile) on "The 4th Industrial Revolution"

B) Unearth the true meaning of your work: Messaging workshop with Atlas Network’s Daniel Anthony (interactive session in English)

This interactive workshop addresses a fatal trap of the think tank industry: over-reliance on communicating only the wonky, technical features of the policy research and ideas. This method of communicating typically alienates your intended audiences and only appeals to a small group of individuals who are typically already true believers in the ideas. In this lesson, you will learn the difference and importance of features, benefits, and meaning-based communications.

*1 Atlas Network Leadership Academy Credit


Lunch Conversation - Why Classical Liberalism Should Appeal to Fans of Social Justice (Presented in English)


A conversation between José Ramón Valente (Ministry of Economy, Chile) and John Tomasi (Professor of Political Science and Philosophy at Brown University) moderated by Axel Kaiser (Fundación para el Progreso Executive Director, Chile) 

14:00 Crowdsource Liberty
  Too often, conferences ask you to sit down and stay quiet. Not here! You are invited to speak up and exchange ideas where presenters are ready to discuss projects under development to advance liberty. Play an active role in sharpening their plans to make a difference!
15:45 Afternoon Break
16:00 Interview with Finalists for the Latin America Liberty Award 2018 
18:30 General Reception
19:30 Latin America Liberty Awards Dinner

Keynote Speaker: José Piñera on "The Chilean Model, its key importance to Latin America, and the need for eternal vigilance”

  Friday, June 15
9:00 Rethinking Corporate Social Responsibility 

Providing customers a good or service they value and choose to pay for is fundamental to social progress in a free society. What that society then expects of business can influence the ability of entrepreneurs to deliver that value, particularly if society demands a regulatory landscape that runs counter to business growth and opportunity. In this session, participants will discuss the role of businesses in making the argument for economic freedom to ensure prosperity for all. 

Moderator: Dr. Tom Palmer (Atlas Network, USA)

Speakers: Pablo Arosemena Marriott (Chamber of Commerce of Guayaquil, Ecuador) • Jorge Errázuriz Grez (Fundación Errázuriz, Chile)

10:00 Consecutive Breakouts

A) Challenges for Think Tank Management

Think Tank CEO’s will share their experiences on how to manage their relations with different audiences, such as politicians, journalists and the press, and youth.

Moderator: Armando Holzapfel (Fundación para el Progreso, Chile)

Speakers: Agustín Etchebarne (Libertad y Progreso, Argentina) on "Strategies for communication of ideas"  • Bettina Horst (Libertad y Desarrollo, Chile) on "Impact in public policies and media strategies, the case of Libertad y Desarrollo" • Jorge Acosta (Instituto Res Publica, Chile) on “Teaching middle young people in Santiago and regions, the ideas of liberty"

*1 Atlas Network Leadership Academy Credit

B) Strategic Outlook -- A Reckoning for 21 Century Socialism? (Session sponsored by RELIAL)

The "21st Century Socialism" that Hugo Chavez promised would sweep the continent appears destined for the "ash heap of history" as with previous attempts to govern via Marxism-Leninism. But how it unwinds in the countries most affected is complicated and uncertain. We are proud to welcome distinguished speakers who can provide insights into the situations in Venezuela itself.

Moderator: Rafael Rincón (Fundación para el Progreso, Chile)

Speakers: Luis Henrique Ball (PanAm Post, Venezuela) • Rocío Guijarro (CEDICE, Venezuela)

11:15 Consecutive Breakouts

A) Innovation for Growth: How Intellectual Property Rights Can Generate Prosperity (Session Sponsored by the Property Rights Alliance)

Unleashing the value of IP: the ability to turn trademarks, inventions, and artistic works into valuable assets have been the secret to fueling competitive markets. It is only possible through enforcement of robust intellectual property rights. Yet in Chile and the rest of South America calls for plain packaging and compulsory licenses undermine these rights, threatening to erase billions from balance sheets and dissuade investments in research-intensive fields.

Moderator: Rafael Rincón (Fundación para el Progreso, Chile)

Speakers: Lorenzo Montanari - Presenting the International Property Rights index (PRA-IPRA) • Guillermo Carey - Lawyer and Expert on IP in Chile • Dario Paya - Former Chilean Ambassador to the OAS • Rodrigo A. de Ouro Preto Santos -  Director-Treasurer of the Brazilian Intellectual Property Association (ABPI)

*1 Atlas Network Leadership Academy Credit

B) Strategic Outlook - Which Way for Brazil and Mexico?

The two largest economies of Latin America will see important presidential elections in the second half of 2018. Both countries have seen mass movements focusing on corruption, as Brazil’s politics are still affected by the uncovering of the Lava Jato scandal and Mexico has implemented anti-corruption legislation in the wake of the 3de3 campaign. Our discussion looks at key issues affecting these countries and what Atlas Network partners are doing to move public debates in the direction of freedom

Moderator: Gonzalo Schwarz (Archbridge Institute, USA)

Speakers: Roberto Salinas-León (Mexico Business Forum, Mexico) • Ulisses Ruiz de Gamboa(Centro Mackenzie de Libertad Económica, Brazil)

12:30 Think Tank Shark Tank Lunch

Watch live as think tank leaders pitch their project ideas to a panel of judges!

Master of Ceremonies: Gonzalo Schwarz (Archbridge Institute, USA)

Judges: Luis Henrique Ball (Venezuela) • Robert Salinas (Mexico) • Ramón Parellada Cuadrado (Guatemala) • Linda Edwards (UK)

Contestants: Elena Toledo (Fundación Eléutera, Honduras)  • Garret Edwards (Fundación Libertad, Argentina) • Hernán Bonilla (Centro de Estudios para el Desarrollo, Uruguay)

14:00 Doing Development Differently in Latin America (Presented in English)

The history of international efforts to promote economic development is fraught with mistakes, harm, and unintended consequences. The role of local think tanks may provide a key part of the solution going forward. Learn how Atlas Network is increasing its support of local partners working for economic freedom and change. 

Presented by Dr. Tom Palmer (Executive Vice President for International Programs at Atlas Network)