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This award recognizes the most successful online video released in the last year. Strong candidates will be able to articulate the strategic impact of their video and most typically will have:

  • reached significant and strategic audiences, 
  • utilized effective messaging or storytelling, and 
  • demonstrated capable production and editing techniques. 

Finalists and winner will receive travel grants to attend Liberty Forum and Freedom Dinner and present their video before an audience of international donors, peers and allies. The winner will also receive a $1,000 cash prize.

This opportunity is limited to current and past Lights, Camera, Liberty participants. If you have not participated in Lights, Camera, Liberty, visit our grants page to learn about the next opportunity to apply.

The annual deadline to apply for the grant and training program is October 15. Questions? Contact

The winner of the 2018 Lights, Camera, Liberty Film Festival Award:

Becket: Why There Aren't More Sikhs in the Military



Canadian Taxpayers Foundation: “Beer in the U.S.A”


Libertad y Desarrollo: “3 Razones para Apoyar Ana Inmigración Sustentable y Regulada”

The winner of the 2017 Lights, Camera, Liberty Film Festival Award:

Libertad y Progreso: Why Argentina Fails


Bikalpa, an Alternative: Why is Nepal Poor?


Idaho Freedom Foundation: Hope Vetoed


The winner of the 2016 Lights, Camera, Liberty Film Festival Award:

Foundation for Economic Education: Friedman vs. Sanders: Democratic Socialism Debunked



Australian Taxpayers' Alliance: All Obsolete Industries Deserve the Taxi Bailout!

Institute for Justice: Everything