Think Tank Leadership Training is a course on think tank management for individuals interested in learning the latest in strategic planning, fundraising, communications and measurement from leaders within the free market movement. This training features two full days of lectures and interactive workshops to give participants the practical tools needed to run a successful organization. For most sessions, participants are split into two tracks — North American and Global — better meeting the needs of participating organizations. Forty individuals from across the globe participate in this training each year.


Who will benefit from this course?

  • New think tank leaders
  • New staff at established think tanks
  • Mid-level staff at established think tanks

What you’ll learn:

  • Strategic planning
  • Fundraising
  • Marketing & communications
  • Project Management
  • Measurment

You’ll leave this training with:

  • A global network of colleagues
  • Knowledge of think tank best practices
  • Understanding of philanthropy market
  • Methods for evaluating your growth & progress

Think Tank Leadership Training 2019 will take place in New York City on Nov. 3-5. 

Check out this video — Think Tank Luminaries: Joe Lehman — to see the sort of best practices and leadership advice you'll walk away with by attending Think Tank Leadership Training.