Schedule is tentative and subject to change.

  Thursday, August 22, 2019  
8:00 Registration  
9:00 Crowdsource Networking  
  Begin Africa Liberty Forum by meeting new friends in the freedom movement in a group gathering format! This will be the group you connect and build relationships with during the conference.  
9:45  Welcome & Introductory Remarks  
  • Linda Whetstone (Atlas Network, United States)
  • Linda Kavuka Kiguhi (African Students for Liberty, Kenya)
10:00 Cornerstone Talks  
  Explore the ideas of liberty in Africa as we set the tone during the first session of Africa Liberty Forum. You’ll be inspired by speakers who are leading exciting projects around the continent. Bring your perspective to the discussion, and engage with others who are also working for change.  
  Moderator: Vale Sloane (Atlas Network, United States)  
  • Phumlani Majozi (Free Market Foundation, South Africa) on "South Africa’s Contempt for Liberty: What’s Been The Socioeconomic Impact?"
  • Lara Goldmark (Just Results, United States) on "Disrupting the Game: Economic Development in Africa"
  • Olumayowa Okediran (African Students for Liberty, Nigeria) on "Educating the Next Generation of Leaders for Liberty: SFL's Colloquia Series"
  • Roy Spencer (Conscious Capitalism, United States) on "Elevating Humanity Through Business"
  • Li Schoolland (Acton Institute, United States) on "Communism Is Evil - A Survivor’s Story"
11:00   Break  
11:30 Concurrent Breakouts  
  A) Women in Liberty  
  Women are taking the lead in the pro-liberty movement in Africa. These leaders will explore strategies, methods, and personal experiences they’ve employed in promoting classically liberal ideas.    
  Moderator: Linda Kavuka Kiguhi (African Students for Liberty, Kenya)  
  • June Arunga Kimani (Usafi Comfort, Kenya)
  • Monia Wakana (Centre For Development and Enterprises Great Lakes, Burundi)
  • Joyce Mbogo (Ladies of Liberty Alliance, Kenya)
  *1 Atlas Network Leadership Academy Credit  
  B) Rule of Law & Human Rights  
  The landscape of constitutionalism in Africa is changing—but what does that mean for local stability and international law? Hear from experts on how the lessons of constitutional evolution is affecting both rural and urban areas in different countries.   
  Moderator: Vale Sloane (Atlas Network, United States)  
  • Rejoice Ngwenya (Coalition for Market and Liberal Solutions, Zimbabwe)
  • John Mustapha Kutiyote (Students' Organization for Liberty and Entrepreneurship, South Sudan)
  • Leon Louw (Free Market Foundation, South Africa)
12:30 Break  
13:00 Think Tank Shark Tank Luncheon  
  Watch live as think tank leaders pitch their project ideas to a panel of judges!  
  Master of Ceremonies: Brad Lips (Atlas Network, United States)   
  Contestants: Aimable Manirakiza (Centre For Development and Enterprises Great Lakes, Burundi) • John Mustapha Kutiyote (Students' Organization for Liberty and Entrepreneurship, South Sudan) • Evans Badu Boampong (Institute for Liberty and Policy Innovation, Ghana)  
  Judges: Kofi Bentil (Lex Praxis Incorporated, Ghana) • June Arunga Kimani (Usafi Comfort, Kenya) • Lawson Bader (DonorsTrust, United States)  
14:30 Break  
15:00 Concurrent Breakouts  
  A) Fighting Corruption in Africa  
  The roots of corruption run deep in Africa, and solutions are crucial to building stability and prosperity. This panel of experts will share new ideas in combating corruption and the tools that work best in creating lasting reform.   
  Moderator: Manali Shah (India)  
  • Temba Nolutshungu (Free Market Foundation, South Africa)
  • Franklin Cudjoe (IMANI Center for Policy & Education, Ghana)
  • Lara Goldmark (Just Results, United States)
  B) Property Rights in Africa  
  Property rights are essential to economic freedom and mobility. Hear how these international experts envision how property rights can benefit communities and enable entrepreneurs in Africa.  
  Moderator: Dr. Tom Palmer (Atlas Network, United States)  
  • Garreth Bloor (The Canada-Africa Chamber of Business, Canada)
  • Mehmet N'Diaye (Audace Institut Afrique, Côte d'Ivoire)
  • John Mugabi Socrates (Action for Liberty and Economic Development, Uganda)
16:00 Break  
16:30 Concurrent Breakouts  
  A) The Voice of Liberty in Africa - Advocating for Liberty Online  
  Social media is inexpensive, ubiquitous, and powerful. Come and find out how your organization can more effectively reach your audience and communicate your ideas online.  
  • Japheth Omojuwa (Alpha Reach, Nigeria)
  • Martin van Staden (Free Market Foundation, South Africa)
  B) The Future of Trade in Africa  
  What will trade in Africa look like in five, ten, or twenty years? Join us for a discussion on the institutional barriers to trade within the continent of Africa and what can be done to improve the free movement of goods.   
  Moderator: Alexander Hammond (Cato Institute, United Kingdom)  
  • Kofi Bentil (Lex Praxis Incorporated, Ghana) 
  • Edwin Kimani (Avikele Services, Kenya)
  • Kwame Owino (Institute of Economic Affairs - Kenya, Kenya)
17:45 Strategies for Achieving Shared Prosperity  
  Global poverty rates are falling around the globe—and yet people still struggle to improve their quality of life. What reforms will help create opportunity for more disposable income? The panelists will share tips and best practices by drawing from their own successes and challenges.  
  Moderator: Japheth Omojuwa (Alpha Reach, Nigeria)  
  • Bitange Ndemo (University of Nairobi, Kenya)
  • Jerry Jordan (Association of Private Enterprise Education, United States)
  • Agatha Juma (Engage Kenya Limited, Kenya)
18:45 General Reception  
19:30 Africa Liberty Awards Dinner  
  Master of Ceremonies: Dr. Tom G. Palmer (Atlas Network, United States)  
  Keynote Speaker: Ambassador Martin Kimani (Kenya)  
  Friday, August 23, 2019  
9:00 Think Tank Leadership Exchange  
  Facilitator: Dr. Lyall Swim (Atlas Network, United States)  
  *1 Atlas Network Leadership Academy Credit  
10:15 Crowdsource Liberty  
  Too often, conferences ask you to sit down and stay quiet. Not here! You are invited to speak up and exchange ideas where presenters are ready to discuss projects under development to advance liberty. Play an active role in sharpening their plans to make a difference!  
11:15 Concurrent Breakouts  
  A) Building A Respected Voice in Media  
  Do people understand why liberty matters? Explore how different narratives and innovative communications skills can help the liberty movement articulate a clear, attractive, and compelling message.  
  Moderator: Melissa Mann (Atlas Network, United States)  
  • Phumlani Majozi (Free Market Foundation, South Africa)
  • Immaculée Mukazayire (Centre For Development and Enterprises Great Lakes, Rwanda)
  • Olumayowa Okediran (African Students for Liberty, Nigeria)
  B) Bringing Young People into the Liberty Conversation  
  The message matters! Hear from liberty advocates, young professionals, and students who want to reach those peers who don’t know about the ideas of liberty—and find out how they start a new conversation about freedom.  
  Moderator: Vale Sloane (Atlas Network, United States)  
  • Evancy Exaudy Nkya (Liberty Sparks, Tanzania)
  • Ibrahim Moronfolu Adeniyi (Students for Sensible Drug Policy, Nigeria)
  • Aimable Manirakiza (Centre For Development and Enterprises Great Lakes, Burundi)
  • Winfred Nduati (African Students for Liberty, Kenya)
12:30 Break  
13:00 Closing Luncheon with Magatte Wade (Founder and CEO of, Senegal)  
  "How to Create Moral Urgency Around the Cause of Economic Freedom"  
  The more we know about the extent to which the lack of economic freedom perpetuates poverty, the more we all ought to feel moral urgency around this issue. In order to create a thriving, prosperous, globally competitive, and innovative Africa we need to have all stakeholders understand what is at stake. How can we communicate the need for economic freedom to African citizens, business leaders, NGOs, and global supporters of African prosperity? Magatte Wade outlines her ideas and shares concrete examples of how to communicate the benefits of liberty.