Schedule is tentative and subject to change.

  Thursday, June 27, 2019  
8:00   Registration  
9:00 Home Base Groups  
  Begin Latin America Liberty Forum by meeting new friends in the freedom movement in a group gathering format! This will be the group you connect and build relationships with during the conference.  
10:00   Welcome & Introductory Remarks  
  • Dr. Roberto Salinas-León (Atlas Network, Mexico)
  • Mónika Melo Guerrero (Instituto OMG, Dominican Republic)
  • Ernesto Selman (Centro Regional de Estrategias Economicas Sostenibles, Dominican Republic)
  • Beltrán Gómez Híjar (Instituto Político para la Libertad, Perú)
10:15   The Road Ahead for Venezuela and Its Meaning for Latin America  
  • Maria Corina Machado (Member of Parliament, Venezuela)
  • Sary Levy-Carciente (Academia Nacional de Ciencias Económicas, Venezuela)
  • María Teresa Romero (Central University of Venezuela, Venezuela)
11:00 Break  
11:30 Cornerstone Talks  
  This first session of the Latin America Liberty Forum sets the tone for the conference as it is about liberty in Latin America. Speakers will share what is happening in a particular project, in their institute, or in their country. The perspective of this session is broad enough to inspire a broad range of discussions.   
  Moderator: Antonella Marty (Atlas Network, Argentina)  
  • Martín Krause (University of Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • Rod Richardson (The Grace Richardson Fund, United States)
12:30 Break  
12:45 Luncheon: The Appeal of the Liberty Message  
  Moderator: Axel Kaiser (Fundación para el Progreso, Chile)  
  • Pancho Búrquez (Ola Libertad, Mexico)
  • Dr. Tom Palmer (Atlas Network, USA)
14:30 Crowdsource Liberty  
  Too often, conferences ask you to sit down and stay quiet. Not here! You are invited to speak up and exchange ideas where presenters are ready to discuss projects under development to advance liberty. Play an active role in sharpening their plans to make a difference!  
16:15 Break  
16:45 Concurrent Breakouts  
  A) Public Security and the Free Society  
  Populist leaders have gained popularity by pledging to crack down on crime. Their strategies, however, threaten to create police states that are anathema to the free society. Is there a better way? Learn from reformers how policing strategies can build trust and cut down on violent crime in communities while remaining respectful of individual liberty.   
  • Dean Ball (Manhattan Institute, United States)
  • Maximilian Holst (Mexico Evalua, Mexico)
  • Carlos Augusto Chacón Monsalve (Centro de Estudios Libertad y Paz, Colombia)
  B) Think Tanks and the Diffusion of Innovations  
  Facilitator: Dr. Lyall Swim (Atlas Network, USA)  
18:00 General Reception  
19:00 Latin America Liberty Awards Dinner  
  Master of Ceremonies: Dr. Roberto Salinas-León (Atlas Network, Mexico)  
  Keynote Speaker: Manuel Hinds (Former Minister of Finance of El Salvador) on "The Challenges of Liberal Democracy in the Americas"  
  Friday, June 28, 2019  
8:00 CEO & Board Member Breakfast (by invite only)  
9:00 Populism and Its Causes  
  Moderator: Dr. Roberto Salinas-León (Atlas Network, Mexico)  
  • Enrique Ghersi (Catholic University and The University of Lima, Peru)
  • Martín Krause (University of Buenos Aires, Argentina)
  • Ricardo Gomes (Red Liberal de América Latina, Peru)
9:45 Break  
10:00 Concurrent Breakouts  
  A) Social Media Workshop  
  B) Doing Development Differently  
  Moderator: Matt Warner (Atlas Network, USA)  
11:00 Break  
11:30 Concurrent Breakouts  
  A) La ética de la libertad (The Ethics of Liberty)  
  • Enrique Ghersi (Catholic University and The University of Lima, Peru)
  • Professor Walter Castro (Fundación Libertad, Argentina)
  B) Workshop: Defending and Expanding Free Trade  
  Facilitator: TBD  
  • Former Governor Luis Fortuño (Center for Economic Renewal, Excellence and Growth, Puerto Rico)

  • Pablo Arosemena Marriott (Guayaquil Chamber of Commerce, Ecuador)

12:30  Break  
1:00 Think Tank Shark Tank Lunch  
  Watch live as think tank leaders pitch their project ideas to a panel of judges!   
  Master of Ceremonies: Gonzalo Schwarz (Archbridge Institute, USA)