The People That Power Our Mission

Atlas Network's Council of Mentors team

Atlas Network’s Council of Mentors consists of experts in non-profit management and free-market policy reform, who are generous in helping Atlas Network's partners. Our team is grateful that so many experienced leaders have joined this Council and embraced opportunities to help graduates of our Leadership Academy build up their institutions and work toward the implementation of free-market reforms.

Scott barton 02

Scott Barton

Director of Communications and Outreach, Pacific Legal Foundation

Ann fitzgerald 08

Ann Fitzgerald

President, A.C. Fitzgerald & Associates

Chad goote

Chad Goote

Vice President of Development, Atlas Network

Beverly hallberg 09

Beverly Hallberg

President, District Media Group

Rainer heufers 10

Rainer Heufers

Founder and Executive Director, Center for Indonesian Policy Studies

Michel kelly 22

Michel Kelly-Gagnon

Dobson-Lengvari Fellow; President and CEO, Montreal Economic Institute

Joe lehman 04

Joe Lehman

President, Mackinac Center for Public Policy

Headshot Placeholder 03

Stephanie Lips

Philanthropic Advisor, DonorsTrust

Kris mauren 16

Kris Mauren

Co-Founder and Executive Director, Acton Institute

Darcy olsen 17

Darcy Olson

Founder and President, Generation Justice

Roger ream 18

Roger Ream

President, The Fund for American Studies

Headshot Placeholder 03

Michael Reitz

Executive Vice President, Mackinc Center for Public Policy

Headshot Placeholder 03

Parth Shah

Founder, Centre for Civil Society

Karin headshot 01

Karin Svanborg-Sjovall

President, Timbro

John tillman 37

John Tillman

Co-Director, Atlas Network, Center for U.S. & Canada; CEO, Illinois Policy Institute